Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Episode 46

Remember that aunt who had some money stowed away in her garage in episode 44? Me neither. Anyway, it turns out she has a similarly elderly neighbour (Edith) who's about to be turfed out of her house due to "developers", and because Edith isn't married to her equally ancient boyfriend, they aren't allowed to have a joint room at the local homeless shelter (I bet Vera runs it in her spare time). So as a result, they end up sleeping rough and he dies, and she goes a bit bonkers and steals some stuff and then attacks someone with an umbrella and before you know it she's in Prison, and I'm feeling like this is one of those annoying "Social Conscience" storylines that was written by a bunch of Jean Vernons, designed to teach us a lesson about the twisted schisms of the law.

Anyway, I included this picture because Edith seems to be the only person in existence who Lizzie towers over. It's like looking at an optical illusion isn't it. In fact it's giving me eye strain. Don't worry though. Edith will develop a cough quite soon after this and be dead by episode 49.

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